Best Rod Pods - A Carp Fishing Rod Pod Review

Best Rod Pods - A Carp Fishing Rod Pod Review

If there was ever a topic that divided the carp anglers opinion it would have to be rod pods, love them or hate them they are here to stay and are in fact making a strong comeback with more and more anglers choosing to use one. Here are our top picks…..

Fox Black Label TT 3 Rod Compact Adjustable Pod

Exclusive to us here at Total Fishing Tackle and currently my choice of rod pod should the bankside terrain dictate that I need one. The Black Label Compact Pod has been designed to be as small and compact as possible both when set up and packed away and yep it does exactly that. When packed away the pod fits in the side pocket of my carryall, I hardly even notice it is there to be honest but if I need it, out it comes. Opening up the pod you quickly see how it got it’s name, despite being fully adjustable the pod is nice and small, easy on the eye and clearly very well made. The main body of the pod adjusts lengthways to suit the terrain you are fishing on and the buzz bars and banksticks are all fully adjustable too meaning you will get your rods level no matter what. Another plus point is that the buzz bars can still be used with a two rod set up with rods on the outside of the buzz bars, leaving the middle space empty without making it look like your rods are spaced miles apart. I love my Black Label TT Rod Pod and it sits in my bag just in case I ever need it. A fantastic bit of kit with which to open our list of the best rod pods!





Solar Worldwide P1 Stainless Rod Pod

What Solar doesn’t now about stainless isn’t worth knowing! The Worldwide Pod has been a best seller for a number of years now and recently with the introduction of the Solar P1 range, the Worldwide has had a bit of a makeover. Sporting the same unique ‘5 Spoke, Diamond Grip Adjustment’ collars as the rest of the P1 range as well as subtle carbon detailing, the P1 Worldwide Pod also boasts all of the carefully engineered features that has made this pod one of the most sought after ever made. The micro-adjust, ratchet adjustment system which allows each leg to be individually adjusted, adjustable main bar, compact design, goal-post style uprights for ultimate rigidity and compatible with a comprehensive range of extras for customising. In fact, the P1 Worldwide pod can be tailored to suit any venue in any country and any situation; it really is that versatile. With its compact design the Worldwide pod packs down into a small, padded carry case for easy transportation/storage. Some might say that one of the best, just got a bit better!





Century Carbon Stealth 2 Piece Pod

As soon as I saw this was being released by Century, two things immediately struck me, the versatility of the set up and the fact that it has Century behind it, one of the best producers of rods and carbon bankware ever. At first glance it looks like a smart rod pod but look closer and it is actually a single bankstick set up but on a pod base! Now, if like me you prefer to use single sticks rather than buzzer bars then this will certainly appeal to you, the only issue with single sticks is that when the ground is hard or even impenetrable, it can be a nightmare to get 6 banksticks in the ground, in the right place. The Century Stealth Pod solves all those problems. The set up basically consists of a set of single sticks for 3 rods, with stabilisers included, that can also be used with a support bar, turning the whole thing into a rod pod type set up. I am seriously impressed with this set up and I can certainly see me purchasing one in the near future. Century quality is unsurpassed and this is a very worthy addition to our list of the best rod pods.






Summit Colosseum Cobalt Black Low Profile Pod

Summit might seem like the new kids on the block when it comes to rod pods and metalware but they have been round a few years now. The cobalt black colosseum low profile pod has been designed and developed in the UK with the compact angler in mind. Using mini points and our new low-profile pod uprights giving a total adjustment of 60mm that will give you tips up or tips down depending on where you put the pod uprights back or front. Plus, you can extend or retract the pod length, with our twist lock central bar to extend or retract as is required by the angler. The kit comes with the easy tight key, two thread protectors and a pod bag. With a choice of either the 7 and 8-inch three rod mini fixed buzz bars or 11 and 12-inch fixed buzz bars, there is also a two rod version in 7 and 8 inch. If like me you like to have your rods close to the deck and not pointing up at the moon as is the trend these days, then the Low Profile Pod from Summit is just the ticket and for those who prefer a stainless pod then they have those covered as well! A great choice to our best rod pods.





Jag Nano Micro Pod Prolite Black

Jag have been about for some time now and have developed quite a following for their products. Korda have even used Jag to manufacture their acclaimed Singlez Rod Support range and Korda won’t put their name to just any old products. The Nano Micro is exactly as it sounds, its a small pod base that you can tuck away in a bag and bring it out when the bankside terrain dictates. At first glance it appears to be very well made as you would expect from Jag but the thing I noticed the most was how light it is! Ok so you have to add buzz bars into the equation of course but even still, it is seriously lightweight at under 800 grams! The black finish I really like, I haven’t used stainless for years and I can’t see that changing anytime soon, personal preference obviously but I am a big fan of the black finish. The pod comes with a protective carry case included and is available for £231 which might be the only sticking point as similar pods, albeit perhaps not from a brand as popular as Jag are quite a bit cheaper. Price aside, this is a very good bit of kit and a nice addition to our list of the best rod pods.





Cygnet Compact Pod

Short and sweet by name and nice and compact by nature, the Cygnet Compact Pod is next up on our list of the best rod pods and it’s easy to see why. The design is similar to other pods, made from the same materials with the same features but Cygnet have done it all for under £80! It packs down as small as any other, is just as easy to set up and looks pretty cool too. So, how have they done it? Well I am not sure, the matt black anodised aluminium is as good as any other I have seen, the twist lock design is a smart feature that will keep the pod on the straight and level and the adjusting knurls are easy to operate in the coldest and wettest weather. For the complete look, use with the Cygnet 20/20 range of banksticks and buzz bars which certainly won’t break the bank. I am a big fan of the Compact Pod and it certainly comes very highly recommended. Supplied with a neoprene storage pouch, where you can even fit all the banksticks in as well, the Cygnet Compact Pod is a rod pod you should be looking at if you want value for money with unrivalled quality and looks.





Summit Colosseum Euro Pod Kit

Back to Summit for our final offering and something a little different. The Euro Pod Kit is aimed (as it says) at the European Market or those that fish some of the larger foreign waters where keeping your rod tips up to avoid the myriad of underwater obstacles, is a must. Of course, if you fish at super long ranges of 200m plus then having the rod tips up will certainly help with keeping as much of the line off the water as possible, another added bonus. Being made from high grade stainless steel you have the Euro Pod sat out in the water or the rain for weeks on end with no worries whatsoever. The kit comes complete with everything you will need to fish any swim, rods out in the water, on the bank, rivers or lakes. As with all Summit products this the Euro is extremely well made and rock solid, a fitting end to our list of the best rod pods!





Rod Pods certainly have their place in modern fishing, yes they are not everyone’s cup of tea but imagine finding the fish and being unable to fish for them because the swim has a platform or is rock hard gravel! Pop one in your bag and it’s always there if you need it.


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