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Best Pike Fishing Rods - Predator Rod Review 2019

Pike angling has become more and more popular in recent years, particularly lure fishing. Sometimes the pike or the perch are the only fish willing to feed on a freezing cold winters day so let's take a look at some the very best pike fishing rods available.

Fox Rage Terminator Lure Rod Range

First up on our list of the best pike rods is the Fox Rage Terminator range of rods, featuring 19 of the most loved models, from the original Terminator range, including Swimbait Special, Jigger and Twitch & Jig. Fast, light and strong, whatever lure fishing you do, you’ll find a rod for the job, right here. All of the rods feature the IMS9 Multi-Directional Carbon designed specifically to give you the very best performance when casting and playing fish. The cork and EVA split handles offer the best in comfort, durability whilst maintaining the Terminator styling and looks. With all these upgrades to the range you might be thinking they come at a cost? Well actually the whole range has been reduced in price!



Rozemeijer Allure Multi Purpose Spinning Rod

Rozemeijer might not be the first name that springs to mind when thinking about predator rods but having been hands on with the whole range recently I can certainly vouch for the quality and the attention to detail. The Allure Muti Purpose Spinning Rod is packed full of clever features all designed by predator anglers, for predator anglers. First of all you will notice the angle of the rings, set deliberately at 70 degrees to allow perfect transition through the eyes for any shockleader knots. The spilt cork handle is slightly oversized making it very comfortable to hold on a cold winters day and the black and red finish to the rod itself is certainly easy on the eye. Rozemeijer have a full set of drop shotting, spinning and other predator rods and products here at Total Fishing Tackle, make sure you check them all out!




Daiwa ProRex AGS Spinning Rod Range

A name you may be slightly more familiar with and a set of rods with some technology that carp anglers may well be more familiar with. The premium rod series from the Prorex range features most of the innovations from our Japanese rod construction technology. The Prorex AGS rods immediately impress with their light weight and super crisp feel, yet still feature a sensitive tip action. The integration of nano technology with SVF fibre delivers lightweight and stiff blanks with optimum resilience, strength and feel. Each rod transmits every lure movement to the handle section and you feel even soft taps. X45 bias construction combined with 3DX dramatically reduces torque thus enabling more targeted casts. A fluent bending curve is guaranteed thanks to V-Joint. However the true highlight is the use of Daiwa’s exclusive AGS carbon guides, which are much lighter than conventional guides and importantly optimise the rod’s action and sensitivity. Simply speaking, these AGS rods deliver a level of casting performance and fishing feel that is up there with the very best. A worthy addition to our list of the best pike fishing rods.




Drennan ESOX 12ft Piker Bait Rod

Deadbaits are a very effective way to present an easy meal to a big hungry pike and Drennan have been making dedicated pike fishing gear for years. With a 3lb+ test curve, the E-Sox Piker Bait Rod has the power to cast fairly large deadbaits as well as being able to pick up line and set hooks at long range. At 12ft (3.5m) this high modulus carbon blank has enough reach to make it an ideal bank fishing  rod and provides excellent line management when controlling a float. It's progressive action retains enough feel to make playing smaller fish enjoyable while providing the power necessary to handle big, hard-fighting pike. The subtle graphics and 3K woven graphite wrap make this a rod that performs well and looks great making it one of the best pike rods!



Drennan ESOX Pikeflex 10ft Rod

Another offering from Drennan, the E-Sox Pikeflex 10ft rod features an excellent carbon blank which is light and well balanced with a progressive power play action. It makes a perfect boat rod, providing good line and float control and handling a wide range of bait sizes. The Pikeflex 10ft features a Fuji reel seat and full SiC guides, with a responsive and tactile tip, so when fishing artificial baits you can feel exactly how the lure is working. With a semi-through action, playing smaller fish remains enjoyable with significant reserves of power in the mid-section. The 2 3/4 test curve blank easily copes with big, hard-fighting predators. The rod will comfortably cast baits up to 8oz and work large lures and artificial's in the 20g to 70g+ class and one of the best pike rods




Fox Rage Predator Elite Deadbait Rod Range

Staying with the deadbait fishing rods next up is the Fox Rage Elite range, featuring three rods for a variety of different fishing styles. All the rods feature high quality carbon blanks and fittings, understated graphics and branding as well as full length EVA handle. The three rods are all specifically designed for different angling scenarios with the 12ft 2.75lb version being better for casting small deadbaits and the 12ft 3lb version for slightly larger baits. Also in the range is a shorter 10ft version which is perfect for boat work and with the extra power in the butt section, the 10ft rod can handle those last minute deep lunges under the boat. A great range of pike fishing deadbait rods.




Sonik Vader X Spin Rod

The VADERX Spinning rods are an ideal choice for the committed lure angler who is looking for top performance and specification without breaking the bank. A lightweight carbon blank is designed to perform across the lure fishing spectrum by offering a fast and fairly powerful action for tackling high powered predators and hard fighting fish. The top-quality blank has been finished with a high-grade cork handle with rubberised cork reinforcement for comfortable and warm grip in cold weather. Featuring high frame K-style guides for tangle free smooth line release and greater casting distance, these rods are great value for money with performance to match. A fantastic addition to our list of the best pike fishing rods.



Abu Garcia Devil Spinning Rod

Last but by no means least, in our list of best pike fishing rods is the Abu Garcia's Devil range, a graphite rod series that everybody can afford. The eight two-piece Spinning models start with an Ultra-Light 5ft 6in (1.7m) model perfectly suited to flicking out mini lures in the 2-10 gram bracket. At the upper end sits a 10ft (3 m) Heavy version which handles larger lures in the 40-80 gram range with strength to spare. High quality fittings throughout and the light and responsive carbon blank make these a great choice without breaking the bank. For pike fishing we recommend the 8ft, 9ft or 10ft versions, perfect for handling those big winter pike!




Pike fishing is gaining popularity all the time and if you are a novice or an expert pike angler, we have everything you need right here!