Best Feeder Fishing Reels - A Carp Feeder Reel Review

Best Feeder Fishing Reels - A Carp Feeder Reel Review

Feeder fishing has never been so popular and more and more big money feeder competitions are springing up every year. Our resident blogger and angling expert takes a look at the best feeder fishing reels to help you bag more fish!

Daiwa 19 TDR Distance 25QD Reel

New for 2019 the Daiwa 19 TDR Distance 25QD has made feeder fishing at distance an absolute doddle and some of the countries best feeder anglers are fishing at distances previously unheard of!

When a Daiwa TDR reel is mentioned you instantly think of the Royal Blue and Gold colour scheme, the Daiwa 19 TDR 25QD is no different and sports the instantly recognisable colour scheme. The TDR 19 is the ultimate big pit feeder reel and delivers unsurpassed casting ability. The main body of the TDR reel is constructed from Zaion, while ordinary carbon is made of nylon 6-6 resin and carbon fibres at 20%, zaion boasts twice the density of carbon fibres. The result is a unique material that is as strong as magnesium. A Zaion body is 25% lighter than its equivalent in magnesium and 50% lighter than aluminium. However, the spool is the more conventional aluminium and features a highly impressive HIP line clip which moves very slightly on impact to combat line damage. The spool is also fitted with a Daiwa Quick Drag (QD) system, enabling you to adjust the drag with the smallest revolution of the quick drag wheel.  Like most Daiwa reels these days, the TDR is fitted with the Air Rotor technology that Daiwa have pioneered. The machine cut aluminium handle on the Daiwa Emblem utilises a one touch folding wishbone style handle, the 70mm machined aluminium not only looks fantastic but its ‘wind down’ locking ensures even greater power transmission from winding. All in all an outstanding opener to our list of the best feeder fishing reels.




Matrix Horizon 6000 Reel

The Matrix Horizon 6000 reel is purposely designed for those anglers that regularly fish the feeder up to 80 metre-plus. You’ve only got to check that spool out and the impressive line lay thanks to the slow oscillation, to see it’s a casting tool. It’s a five ball bearing design with a 4.6:1 gear ratio, the oversized spool coming with two line clips giving you options for clipping up at different ranges. Matrix also included an easy-to-adjust front drag complete with grit guard as well as a rotor line guard to prevent any problems. The Horizon comes with a slim handle with a decent grip and a good-sized twist free roller. The discreet logos and branding and sleek black look make the Horizon 6000 a great option for those who want long range quality at a great price. Matrix of course, fall under the Fox banner so when you combine Fox’s knowledge of long range casting with match fishing brains, the results are bound to be impressive and the Horizon 6000 certainly is. The next choice of our best feeder fishing reels.





Preston Extremity Feeder Reels

The Extremity Feeder reels, as the name suggests have been designed for distance feeder fishing. The extra wide spool makes it perfect for extreme distances that are becoming more and more popular with modern day feeder anglers. The Extremity 620 is the larger of the two reels in the Extremity range and is the ultimate casting machine. Capable of casts of up to 100m. Incorporating a single handle, which now seems to provide more efficiency when winding in from long distances. Preston have been long associated with top quality match fishing kit and they have certainly moved with the times with regards to their new feeder products. Mind you, with anglers such as Lee Kerry on board the results were always going to be impressive. What has struck me most about the Extremity range is the price, such quality rarely comes at such a bargain price, check them out for yourselves…….. the Extremity Feeder Rules fully deserve their spot on our list of the best feeder fishing reels.







Shimano Ultegra 5500 XTD Reels

It didn’t take too long for the feeder anglers on the match scene to cotton onto the fact that some pieces of carp angling equipment could be very useful for long range feeder fishing and the Ultegra 5500 XTD reels are a common site around lakes where feeder fishing matches are held. The Ultegra 5500 XT-D is developed with the carp angler in mind but has many other uses and the new reel will immediately catch the eye of any angler because of the improved matt black reel cosmetics. In addition to the Ultegra reel itself the package is equipped with 1 extra spool and 4-line reducers (2×10.000/2×3.500). The extra spool in combination with the 4-line reducers gives the feeder angler the opportunity to fish with different types of lines and respective line capacities according to the actual circumstances on the bank. The multi-disc Instant Drag facility enables a freespool to power setting in just half a turn of the front lever, making it suitable to instantly fight the carp that is on the other end of the line. Packed with unique features like X-Ship, Super Slow Oscillation 50, Aero Wrap II, and Instant Drag the feeder angler can be confident to challenge the biggest and most sought-after carp to help them win those matches week in and week out!





Daiwa Castizm BR 25A Reel

Designed around the proven and groundbreaking spool geometry of the Cast’izm ‘mini big pit’ this BR edition is certain to offer the best of both worlds. Maintaining that ‘compact’ shape, thanks to the 25mm stroke, we have redesigned the Bite ‘n’ Run mechanism to operate within the reduced body size. Experience the crisp operation of the BR trigger and feel the solid engineering at once. Reach far out casting distances with ease thanks to the balance of a shallow spool taper and high diameter. The innovation also extends to the water barrier of Mag Sealed within the rotor. Halting the intrusion of soluble debris and fine abrasives the showroom rotation and precise gear meshing will remain protected and smooth for longer. This technology is unique. Thanks to the 5.3:1 and over 200mm circumference of a filled spool the Cast’izm BR will crank up to 107cm per handle turn; that’s swift and just as well for those fishing far out with big feeders. The manual bail closure is supported by Castlock, securing the bail in place during the cast, letting you apply smooth and controlled closure. The BR also features our HIP line clip and is supplied with a spare spool. What appeals to me most is the baitrunner facility, take your eyes off your quiver tip for one second and your rod could be wrenched off the rest when feeder fishing but with baitrunner (BR) facility, you can rest assured your rod will remain where it is! A great addition to our list of the best feeder fishing reels.






Shimano Baitrunner Medium XTB Longcast Reel

A similar offering to the Castizm but with Shimano’s stamp on it. The Medium Longcast XTB is a perfect feeder reel for long range fishing. The reels feature a large AR-C spool with slow oscillation in combination with the Aero Wrap II line lay system. This combination ensures maximum distance casting performance. Also, on these reels the X-Ship system is present ensuring a smooth power transfer and stability of the gears thanks to the two-point support of the pinion gear by ball bearings. Internally all 4 ball bearings are shielded A-RB for increased durability and the gears have been redesigned to minimise friction and increase power transfer from the long aluminium handle to the rotor, this delivers more torque and winding power making fish playing easier and delivering more control. Again the baitrunner facility allows anglers to feeder fish hands free and prepare for the next fish without having to have eyes fixed on the rod. A great choice of one the the best feeder reels.






Daiwa Ninja LT 6000 Reel

If you want quality but without the price tag then the Daiwa Ninja LT 6000 reel is well worth a look, the 6000 sized spool will enable you to hit the long range spots and the drag is lovely and silky smooth, the LT actually stands for ‘light and tough’, which are two of the most important characteristics of a long range feeder reel. The graphite body is the reason the for lightness and the toughness and it feels extremely well made for such a great price. It may not have the features of the more expensive reels but it can certainly do just as good a job in the key areas. If you are looking for a good quality reel that is capable of casting feeders a long way, without breaking the bank, then the Daiwa Ninja LT 6000 may well be the reel for you. A fitting end to our list of the best feeder fishing reels.




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