Best Carp Tackle for Beginners Part 2

Best Carp Tackle for Beginners Part 2
The second of our two part blog on the best carp fishing tackle for beginners, in the second part our resident blogger and fishing expert Wayne Box, looks at the equipment needed for a comfortable overnight stay on the bank! In part one we looked at the basics of carp fishing tackle, things like rods, reels, bite alarms etc. In this second part I am going to talk you through a few of the essentials required for night fishing, although the basics might be obvious to seasoned carp anglers, this two part series is aimed at those just starting out. There are however, my recommendations for various types of products that others may find useful so feel free to have a look! Anyway here we go with the first important item on our list of the best carp tackle for beginners part two;


If you are going to fish overnight then a good quality shelter is essential. As the old saying goes 'any fool can be uncomfortable' and if you are fishing in the rain or the cold, you need somewhere to take refuge from the weather. Now, there are essentially two types of shelter, the first is called a bivvy (short for bivouac) and the second is a brolly or umbrella style system. Both are good and both provide good protection from the elements. Umbrella systems generally tend to be quicker to put up, but bivvies are usually bigger. If you are doing one or two nights at a time, then an umbrella system is perfectly adequate. If you are going to be spending longer on the bank or are off to France fishing for a week then a bigger bivvy might be the way forward. Here are my recommendations for some of both; Fox EOS TT Pro Bivvy one or two man - Skills Camo Brolly Dome - Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 - Sonik AXS Brolly.  

Bedchairs/Sleep Systems

Next in our list of the best carp fishing tackle for beginners - Unless you plan on sleeping on the ground (not comfortable), then you will need a bedchair and a sleeping bag or a sleep system (very comfortable). Luckily, carp anglers love their home comforts and many of the modern sleep systems are as comfy as any bed you will find! You have two choices here, a bed with a seperate sleeping bag or an all in one bed and bag attached, known better as a sleep system. It really is personal preference but once the tackle shops re-open go and try a few out. I personally prefer the bed and seperate bag option but I think I am in the minority these days. 3 season rating will do you for the summer, late spring, early autumn but if you plan on fishing through the cold months then a 5 season rating is the one to look out for. You can thermal covers and such like if you feel the cold. I use a 3 season bag in the summer and then chuck a thermal cover on for the winter. Check these ones out and you will soon be snoring your way to carpy dreams! Solar Undercover Camo Bedchair - Sonik SK Tek Sleep System - Fox R Series Sleep System - Nash Sleep System - Nash Indulgence Winter Shroud  

Bivvy Table/Cooking Equipment

If you are going to be fishing overnight then being able to cook a meal or make a hot drink is going to be fairly important, especially in the colder months. If you want to keep your valuables or even your cooking kit off the ground, then a bivvy table will be a good idea too as they fold flat when not in use but give you a stable platform for tying rigs, storing valuables etc. Some of my favourites are as follows; Ridgemonkey Cookware Range - Chub Foldable Gas Stove - Cygnet Water Carrier - Kumu range of Mugs - Trakker Folding Session Table - Nash Banklife Tables and Cook Stations.  

Lighting/Head Torches

It may seem obvious but if you plan on fishing into the hours of darkness then you will need some form of lighting! Your eyesight will quickly become accustom to the dark but for most tasks a supplementary light source is essential. A lot of anglers favour a head torch, enabling you to work 'hands free' which is useful for baiting rigs or making a cuppa. A more traditional lamp style of light can be useful for lighting up your bivvy after dark also, you just need to figure out what works best for you but I would say a head torch is the minimum requirement to get you started. Some of the best head torches and lamps are as follows; Ridgemonkey Rechargeable Head Torches - Powapacs Powalite Bivvy Light - Petzl Tactikka Head Torch - Chub Bivvy Light Compact. RGB 250L Camo  

Well that brings us to the end of the second part in our look at the Best Carp Fishing Tackle for Beginners I hope you have found it useful and good luck if you are heading out for your first carpy adventures this summer!