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Bait world - What's new?

The world of bait is forever changing and we take a look at a few new products that have hit the shelves of Total Fishing Tackle recently.......



It's been a while since Sticky released some new products so a new range of oils and some new pellets were a welcome addition to the ranges.


The Ellipse Pellets need no introduction, if you have ever fished for Barbel then you should have had some of these in your bag, they are one of the best pellets out there for river fishing, the Ellipse shape holds the pellet on the bottom and they are packed with marine proteins and fish oils that leak out as the pellets break down. Be warned though, these are seriously good for carp too!

Next up is the Sticky Baits Hemp Oil, another classic made from the first press of the finest hemp available, hemp oil is perfect for adding to stick mixes, glugging boilies and hookbaits or adding to spod mixes, supplied in a 500ml bottle I would like to see it offered in the 1 litre jerry cans that Sticky is famous for, hello? Sticky are you listening!?

Fish Sauce, no we are not in a Chinese restaurant. Sticky Baits Fish Sauce is a thin oil based blend of fish oils, anchovy, salts and sugars. Awesome for glugging boilies and pellets or adding to stick mixes, you can even cook your bankside stir fry with it as it is human grade!

Manilla Dumbell Wafters. My life is now complete. I am a BIG fan of the Manilla and the dumbbell wafters will be in my bait bucket very shortly! Perfect for wary carp when finished critically balanced, especially for carp used to seeing round baits, that sweet, peanutty taste and smell will be too good to resist come the winter!



Now two products from the CC Moore stable that really stand out, the first being the Liquid Sweetcorn. Now Liquid Sweetcorn is packed full of blended sweet corn along with a few magical extras to boost the sweetness and attraction, this stuff is off the scale good when mixed with a spod cloud!

Next up is the Pacific Tuna Bait Booster, a concentrated, punchy, stinky bait glug that is perfect for any red fishmeal type bait and obviously compliments the Pacific Tuna bait range. If you are looking for a bait range for the spring then you could well do with looking at the Pacific Tuna range, its good. Really good.




The Link is the new bait on the block over at Mainline Baits and so far it has been very well received! If you have smelled it you will know it is not like any other red fishmeal bait. Its darker than The Pulse and a completely different smell but yet The Link reminds me of The old Pulse so much, I can't put my finger on it! Mainline claim there are new active ingredients never before used in bait, Darrell Peck landed a PB 74lb carp on the Link, time will tell if it can keep up with the Cell, it's certainly catching loads of carp across Europe and with a dedicated Link range including all the usual extras, The Link is a good choice if you are looking for something different.



The Nash Bait range is small but this enables them to focus all their attention on the development of new products to complement their boilie ranges. The Cultured Pop Ups and Syrup ranges are two additions that will be catching fish all over the country in no time.

The Nashbait game changer, now available as a pop up. Using the unique layering and glazing process around an Airball core allows buoyant bait presentations to slowly release the same unique nature identical feeding triggers around a hookbait.

The Syrups perfectly match the boilie ranges and offer a multitude of effective uses, from adding to your spod mix, damping down stick mixes or coating your boilies in straight out the freezer so they suck up the lovely syrup as they defrost, perfect!

So there we have it, just a few new bait products that will no doubt help you put a few more fish in the bottom of your net!

Until next time, tight lines.