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Anatec - Maxboat Ivy With Lithium Batteries Devo7 Handset And ALF500 Fishfinder

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Product Description  

The Maxboat is a catamaran type boat with a hull shape that ensures perfect flotation and stability in any event even in extreme conditions (wind and waves).

It is equipped with 2 engines allowing to sail more than 7km/h at full load. The control of these engines is done independently of each other which allows to steer the boat.

This feature ensures perfect maneuverability of the Maxboat and gives it the ability to turn on the spot. It is a major asset when the setting of the lines must be very precise (in border or under foliage).

Big novelty for this boat, it is equipped with 2 7.4V 12000 mAh lithium batteries which give it a better autonomy (90 minutes). The MAXBOAT comes with the Devention DEVO7 remote control which benefits from 2.4 GHz technology.

This new technology is the ultimate in remote control, it solves the problems of unfortunate interference that cause the opening of the hatch or the lines drop at the wrong time.

Also, when multiple users are in range, it is no longer necessary to make a quartz change to adjust the radio frequencies. The allocation of the different channels is done automatically.

Finally, this new technology no longer requires an antenna on the boat, which greatly facilitates access under the lower branches. Thanks to this new remote control, the range of transmission can go up to 250m, which makes it possible to exclude any risk of loss of control.

For its protection, the remote control is accompanied by a transparent plastic cover that allows its use in case of rain. It is important to never use the remote in the rain without this protection

The equipment (varios and servos) have been specially developed for Anatec and have a much better reliability compared to standard equipment.

The Maxboat has a priming tank (divided into 2 compartments) placed in a central position which gives the boat an excellent stability even when loaded.

The remote control allows a progressive opening of the hatches which allows a watering of the fishing zone. The 2 hatches can open independently which allows precise and targeted baiting.

The stainless steel primer can hold up to 5kg of bait (2 x 2.5kg) and can be used to carry any kind of primer (boilies, seeds, pellets, flours).

The Maxboat is also equipped with a rear line dropper that facilitates the line installation on the boat and allows a more straight downhill rig installation at the bottom of the water, minimizing the risk of entanglements.

For use at night or in bad weather, the Maxboat is equipped with 6 ultra-powerful white diodes at the front and 2 red diodes at the rear to identify the position of the boat, even at very great distance.

The Maxboat is also equipped with a digital voltage controller.

Dimensions : 70cm x 46cm x 33cm - Weight : 10kg

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