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Anatec - Catamaran DL Devo7 Oak Bait Boat

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Product Description  

The Catamaran DL was the first model developed by ANATEC as the ultimate bait boat. Typical shape ensures a perfect flotation and foolproof stability, even in the most extreme conditions (wind and waves). Equipped with Graupner DEVO7 remote control, the Catamaran DL retains all the quality and reliability common to all boats. A complete model, with multiple functions, for fishermen who want to stack the odds in their favor.

General operating,

The Catamaran DL is powered by two propeller engines located on each side of the hull. The main power supply consists of two 6V 12Ah lead acid batteries. Battery life is around 90 mn. Control of the boat and its functions is through the Graupner DEVO7  remote. The latter has the 2.4 GHz technology which is able to solve problems of interference as well as increase transmission range. This technology also has the advantage of not requiring an antenna on the boat.  To facilitate the identification of the boat on the water at night or in low light, the Catamaran DL is equipped with 8 ultra - powerful LEDs (3x2 white front and 2 rear red).

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